Fledgling season!

grumpy mockingbird

It’s Fledgling season, all the babies are learning to fly! Some of the baby birds learn a bit faster than others. The others, well they take their time, have crash landings and sit around on the ground for a while, trying to figure out how to get their wings to work in tandem.
The parents are usually nearby, encouraging them and bringing them food and demonstrating short flights. I watched a mama grackle with a snack in her beak, keep flying short distances so her baby would follow for a snack….baby did great and after a loop around the lot got the snack.

That being said sometimes the parents need to go hunt for the food and the baby looks unattended. They’re not, mama and dad know where they left them and will come back. So here’s a quick what to do if you see a fledging.
Look around and listen for parents (they’ll likely be yelling at you if you get to close). Does the baby look injured? Laying sprawled on the ground, not moving or bleeding? Send us a message. Are there predators nearby (cats, dogs or hawks). Try to get the baby under a shrub or bush. You can also place them in a nearby tree. The “if you touch them, the parents will abandon them” is an old wives tale and false. Keep pets and kids away. The parents will be back.

What not to do.

Don’t assume they’ve been abandoned. Don’t scoop them up to save them. If you do scoop them up Do Not try to treat them yourself; unless you are a veterinarian, or medically trained on bird care.

As always if you are not sure, please reach out, send us a message, call Game and Fish or animal control.

I know that was a bit of a long read, thanks for taking the time to read this through.